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 Windows 3.1 Downloads 


  • Freeware

ACDSee features an attractive, effective and easy-to-use interface, including toolbars, status bars and on-line help. It includes support for most BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, Photo-CD, PNG, TGA and TIFF files. With rapid JPEG decoding, and fast, full-color image previews, its file system browser front end lets you quickly browse through your images and other files. More features include fast scrolling and zooming, even during a decoding process, and an innovative system for deleting, renaming, copying and moving files. The automatic or manual slideshow has optional read-ahead decompression, always-on-top and full-screen viewing window options, and a shrink image to fit window or screen option. An optional single-instance mode makes ACDSee the perfect viewer for use as a helper application.

    Budget Planner for Windows

  • Freeware/Shareware

Budget program that can be used for any situation, It has no currency symbols, so it is internationally-compatible. Is Year-2000 compliant, and functions with Windows versions from 3.1 to XP. Dan Rose

  • Download Version: 3.2

    Child Support Tracker for Windows

  • Freeware/Shareware

This program is used to track child support payments, who is getting the money, who is paying. Stores information such as name, telephone number, social security number, case number, file number, etc... Dan Rose

  • Download Version: 2.3

    Internet Explorer

  • Freeware

Well, if you're running Windows 3.1, and you wanna get on the internet, I'd recommend using anything but IE, but hey, if you have netscaphobia, then you can use these jokers which amazingly were never integrated into any Microsoft OSes!

    Inventory Order Tracker for Windows

  • Freeware/Shareware

Invoices orders from vendors and keeps track of orders. This is a Windows version of the program featured on the DOS Downloads page. Dan Rose

  • Download Version: 1.0a

    NCSA Mosaic

  • Freeware

NCSA Mosaic was one of THE first browsers to allow surfers to browse the 'net graphically and with multimedia (what's a plugin?). Get this, and you'll be getting a great piece of computer history.

    Netscape Navigator/Communcator

  • Abandonware/Freeware

Netscape -- now open source software under the Mozilla trademark -- was another web browsing pioneer. Some organizations still use Netscape 4 now. Please note that even Netscape 4.07 misrenders MANY sites due to buggy software. If you wish to use Netscape-based browsers, go get the newest milestone of Mozilla from http://www.mozilla.org. The early (I think pre-2.0) versions were called "Mosaic Navigator." Any relation to NCSA Mosaic? I don't know. You tell me if you find out. Some of these versions are full, some are just Navigator. It's a mixed bag. Also, versions before .9 were never meant to be used, so good luck getting them to work, and kudos to you if you can actually surf with them.

    Probation Offender Database for Windows

  • Freeware/Shareware

This program keeps and stores information on probationary periods for people. Stores many types of information. Dan Rose

  • Download Version: 1.3

    ProZip for Windows

  • Freeware/Shareware

This is another ZIP file extractor/creator program for Windows 3.1. This works just like WinZip, except this one is free. It isn't nagware either, like lots of other freeware. Just double click on the program, and it will extract. Then open the folder and run SETUP.EXE.

  • Download Version: 1.3f


  • Freeware

Replace your Windows Calculator with this powerful program. This is a printing calculator/adding machine with a scrollable "tally roll", but with some tricks a real adding machine can't do, like correcting entries, inserting and deleting entries, saving and re-loading calculations, printing tally roll,adding comments to the tally roll, checking off entries, adding subtotals with a mouse-click, automatic tax calculations and more.

  • Download Version: 1.2

    Software Inventory Tracker for Windows

  • Freeware/Shareware

This program keeps track of software titles, registration keys, media counts, where it was bought, and the dates it was bought. Winner of ZDnets highest award. Dan Rose

  • Download Version: 1.4


  • Shareware

WinImage is one of the best known floppy imaging programs. It creates images of floppies that are identical to the original contents. The images made with this program work in VMware and Virtual PC as well. If you download a .IMA or .IMG file, you will need this program to write it to the floppy.

  • Download Version: 3.00

    WinZip (16-bit)

  • Shareware

WinZip is a zip compression tool that creates compressed archives of many files in many different compression formats as well...a must-have for any computer user.

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