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  • Freeware

Ad-aware is a great spyware scanner by Lavasoft. Sometimes you have no idea what is lurking on your hard drive, but Ad-aware scans through your files and registry and plucks out the malicious information. Get the latest version from Lavasoft to keep your computer protected.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Freeware

Whether files need to be shared across the office or around the globe, the Adobe Acrobat product family enables businesses to simplify document processes using Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). A standard adopted by governments and enterprises worldwide, Adobe PDF is a reliable format for electronic document exchange that preserves document integrity so files can be viewed and printed on a variety of platforms. Please note that Acrobat 2, 3, and 4 may not open all PDF files. For the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader please visit www.adobe.com


  • Freeware

DirectX by Microsoft is an advanced multimedia API that allows for the creation and playing of excellently rendered PC games.If


  • Shareware

Eudora is a powerful e-mail client which includes many features such as forwarding, filtering, etc. The Light mode of Eudora shows a sponsor's image, and the Sponsored mode shows rotating ads, but it is a solid app nonetheless.

    Internet Explorer

  • Freeware

Internet Explorer is the #1 most used browser, mainly because it comes preinstalled on Windows systems. if you accidentally uninstall IE and windows cannot function correctly , download the one belwow


  • Freeware

iTunes is Apple's way to make music downloading legal. With a few clicks of the mouse, one can easily download their favorite songs for only $.99 per song. It's not quite as good as free, but it's cheap and legal.

    KaZaA Lite

  • Freeware

KaZaA Lite is a slimmed down version of the popular KaZaA file sharing software. It has the advertisements and spyware removed and many extra features included. This program has been shut down by Sharman Networks, the owners of KaZaA because of copyright and trademark issues. Note that OldOs.org is not responsible for your usage of this program.


  • Shareware

mIRC is a customizeable IRC client with superior file transfer capabilities, colored text, aliases, and many excellent features that have defined IRC chat.

    NCSA Mosaic

  • Freeware

NCSA Mosaic was the public domain browser that was largely responsible for the current popularity of the internet. Microsoft based Internet Explorer off the code of NCSA Mosaic, in fact, if you check your about... in Internet Explorer, NCSA Mosaic will be mentioned.

  • Download Version: 3.0

    Nero Burning ROM

  • Shareware

Nero is one of the most powerful CD burning applications to date. One can easily burn some music, create a data cd, burn an ISO, and more. Nero is the preferred burning application of many people, and now you can get your old PC burning again with these older versions.


  • Freeware/Shareware

Opera is an advanced web browser/e-mail client that appeals to many as a supreme alternative to Internet Explorer. Opera requires a registration if you don't want to see annoying banner ads within the application while you surf.

-download- 5.11, 5.12, 6.00, 6.01, 6.02, 6.03, 6.04, 6.05, 6.06, 7.02, 7.03, 7.10, 7.11 -download-

    Software Inventory Tracker for Windows 95

  • Freeware

A very powerful software tracking system that holds data such as user, registration key, users purchased, where purchased, when purchased, and much much more. Dan Rose


  • Freeware

Winamp is an excellent media player by Nullsoft. This program was originally shareware but then turned to freeware. It has support for many DSP plugins and has awesome visualizations, and the equalizer is unmatched.

    Windows Media Player

  • Freeware

Windows Media Player by Microsoft is an advanced media player with DVD playback capabilities and SRS playback effects.


  • Shareware

WinRAR by RAR Labs is a compression tool that allows for compression in RAR, ZIP, and other compression formats.

    WinZip (32-bit)

  • Shareware

WinZip is a zip compression tool that creates compressed archives of many files in many different compression formats as well...a must-have for any computer user.


  • Shareware

ZoneAlarm is a free exceptional firewall application that keeps hackers away from your computer and keeps unknown programs from transmitting data over the Internet.

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