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 Cube Ploy? 

UPDATED: More photos!

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I come back from lunch today (er, foosball) to find an awesome sight -- my co-workers had screwed an extra cube wall into my setup, giving me a full square. No room to get in and out. A "cube ploy" had been made on me (see the whiteboard?). So, what do I do? Climb in and get to work! I told everyone that I would get my office someday!

A couple of notes...

  * The guys who did this were developers, I'm an SA. I think this is payback for all the annoyance of them I do.
  * I work for the good people at IntelliContact -- It's an awesome place to work.
  * It's really, really not cool to attack someone stuck in a cube with automatic nerf weaponry.

Here are the photos:

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