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    The OldFiles Network

  • oldfiles.org.uk

OldFiles Network is a good collection of sites with lots of information for abandonware junkies. If you like old computers, you need to visit here.

    Tomchu's Hole

  • tomchu.com

Tomchu, a current member of the Old Os forums, is a good friend who runs a slightly edgier tech site and used to run a server for Old Os. Visit his site, if your skin is thick enough.

    Winworld ABW

  • winworld.abwnet.org

WinWorld is a site devoted to saving abandonware -- keeping old, but good, operating systems and applications alive. At WinWorld, you can find a Windows Reference Section, links, lots of downloads, and much more!

    ComPro Software

  • comprosoftware.com

ComPro Software is a software company run by one of our moderators. They have several software packages currently in testing stages. In fact, SigFree, the marquee product from ComPro is used by several forum members.

    N.C. Photography

  • ncphotography.com

My good friend John runs this site. It's a budding photography service. Check it out for free photos of hot models :), oh, and if you need like a wedding done in the NC area, contact him.

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