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    Igor Rakovic "SLS"

  • SLS Network Admin / Original Site Creator

Igor is the original brains behind Old Os. For the first years of existance Igor found the servers, wrote the code, and did all the hard work so everyone could download their old software. Now for the most part, he has moved on to greener pastures, but he will always be a friend of Old Os.

    Jason Faulkner "Jay"

  • Site Owner/Administrator

Jason Faulkner is the fourth administrator of OldOs.org. He has been running the site since June, 2003. Jason helped trasition the site from an OS download site to a legal OS information site.

    Joe P. "Diffused Mind"

  • Administrator

Joe is the secondary administrator of Old Os. He is in charge of keeping order on the forum and helping Jason with coding and server administration. Joe originally was known as "insmod_ex" and was the first Old Os Files Manager.

    Louie Campagna "ComPro"

  • Administrator

Louie was a lurker at Old Os for quite some time, but over the last couple years has taken a more vocal role in the forum. He has recently been made an administrator and helps out with other things, such as coding, graphics design, and finding new files. He has contributed greatly to the creation of this wiki.

    Peter de Jong "Peter"

  • Former Forum Mod

Peter is the oldest remaining staff member of Old Os. He was a moderator on the original lycos forum. Now, Peter helped out Old Os by being the main forum administrator and keeping the forum secure.

    Earlene McCutchen "The Mistress"

  • Forum Moderator

Earlene has always seen herself as the mother of the forum. One day, after we helped her with a comptuer problem, she "adopted" us. Even after all Old Os has been through, she remains a Moderator.

    Chris Hurst "ZeroSky"

  • Support Moderator

Chris is one of the quieter members of the Old Os forum. However, he proved his competence by consistently posting high quality support help. Old Os proudly hosts his site, http://www.freaked.org

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